Cell Phone Photos Double Extended Warranty Sales?

There was a recent article on Automotive News that I thought was worth sharing.

“At Buick Store, Service Lane Provides Visuals to Better Sell F&I Products”

Aaron Logan works for Bob Brown Buick GMC as the F & I Manager in their Buick store.

While he has been in F&I for 17 years, in the last six weeks he has nearly doubled his extended service contract sales from a year ago by employing a very clever strategy.

According to the story, Aaron visits employees in the service areas nearly every day to say hello. If he sees a particularly interesting or involved service job going on, he will take a cell phone picture of it.

In situations during contracting where a customer has declined an extended service contract, he will get out his phone and show the customers one of the pictures he has recently taken.

How Aaron employs his strategy is the key to his success, in my opinion. A common objection I have heard to extended service contracts is something to the effect of “…if the car is really made as well as you are telling me, why would I need to buy the extended warranty?”

According to the article, Aaron focuses on pictures that expose all the technology that exists in modern automobiles. The picture that accompanies this article is one he took of a 2015 Buick Regal that required some work to the climate control system. With the dash removed, the impact is pretty clear. A relatively simple job can quickly become costly with the need to navigate all the technology required to meet ever stricter mileage requirements, enhance the comfort of the car, etc..

Also, by focusing on the technology under the hood, or the dash, he has cleverly directed the message away from the potential objection I mentioned above.

Finally, because it is a cell phone picture, Aaron contends that it is not viewed by his customers as part of the canned sales presentation which enhances his sales.

As you continually analyze your F&I offerings and your process, might this be a strategy you might want to employ?

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