Social Media Strategy for Auto Dealers

The Schomp Automotive Group located in suburban Denver has executed a very thoughtful strategy for social media where they not only create their own unique content on Facebook, Instagram, Google + and Pinterest but have also been able to leverage the social media efforts their business and non-profit partners.   

I am not certain that WHAT they are doing is markedly different from what other dealers are doing, rather their strategy of how they decided to bring their social media strategies to market is what is worth considering.

Schomp sells Honda, BMW, and Mini.   They specifically chose Mini as their brand which would be the focus of all their social media efforts which they believe is benefiting all their dealership brands notwithstanding that Mini is the star.

Said Michael Dunlap on behalf of the group, “”We constantly get somebody who comes up to us and says, ‘We see what you guys do with Love Hope Strength (their charity partner) and so when it came time to buy a new car, we decided to come to you.”

Schomp partnered with Burton snowboards by giving them several Mini Countrymans emblazoned with the  Burton and Schomp logos that Burton is free to use as long as the cars show up at all their events they are sponsoring and/or participating in and are prominently displayed.

Schomp is specifically targeting winter sports enthusiasts and the fact the car made it up the mountain regardless of road conditions tells the skier/snowboarder that the car is capable of getting you to the slopes.

They also partnered with Love, Hope, and Strength, a Denver charity that registers concert goers into a bone marrow registry for transplants.   They gave the charity a Mini covered with the charity’s and Schomp’s logo and it is displayed at the concerts.   Rock stars, most notably Robert Plant, have been signing the car, creating a social media moment with each signature, and they are planning to auction the car after they have some more signatures, creating more good will and another social media opportunity.

Notwithstanding the fact that some dealers give to charity with no other motive other than to help the charity, Schomp found a charity that is running around with a prime demographic, that is also very active in social media.  They are leveraging their partner’s social media efforts.

On their partnership with Burton snowboards, is it markedly different from sponsoring the Timbers or the Blazers that also have a commitment to social media?  Perhaps not, with one exception.   Their partnership with Burton allows them to demonstrate the capabilities of what they are selling.

Photo by Jason Howie
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